Consulting - Before Hiring FTE

Read this before hiring FTE Financial, Marketing, or Business Analyst

Frequently analysts are hired that do a lot of report creation or development in the first couple months and then are underutilized and overpaid as they do little more than daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance of processes that are mostly automated. I am an expert at understanding business processes and setting up automated reporting systems and user friendly analytical tools.

Sample engagement (working part or full time):

Some clients like a two day visit onsite, but this work can all be done remotely.

Phase I (two days to two weeks):
  • Gathering information
  • Understanding business processes
  • Meeting key company stakeholders
  • Identifying revenue, profit, growth drivers
  • Understanding analysis requirements
  • Getting credentials to systems
  • Setting up data connections
  • Mapping out analysis processes
Phase II (two to eight weeks):
  • Identify best methods for retrieving pertinent data
  • Set up Data Warehouse (your existing software or use MS Access or open source/free database programs) to house the project
  • Design architecture of the project
  • Develop and automate data retrieval and movement into the Data Warehouse
  • Identify how to join and combine data or reports from different systems
  • Develop and automate canned daily, weekly, and monthly reports, automate reconciliation processes, automate distribution of reports costs
  • Create dashboards—usually visually appealing one page snapshot views either based in Excel or for viewing over web or smartphone
  • Develop analytic tools and train you how to do your own OLAP and ad hoc analysis
Phase III:

Option A

I will train your administrative resource to run the reports (easy stuff), and I exit the project. I’m still available for tweaks to reports, for adding functionality, or for diagnosing issues especially if source systems or business rules change.

Option B

I can stay engaged on a monthly basis for functions such as:

  • Providing maintenance of databases and automated processes
  • Performing regular ad hoc analysis
  • Making changes or additions to automated reports with superior turnaround time
  • Supporting your organization as a partner and team member

Rate:$90/hr. Can be negotiable on long projects.

Location: Based in Utah but available to travel. Special offer 12/1/2014: I will cover travel costs for one trip.

Availability: Immediate. Call me today.